Was glaubst Du denn?! Muslime in Deutschland

Exhibition design, illustration and font design for a travelling exhibition initiated by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).
Directed at school children various themes on the subject of young muslimic people living in Germany with all kinds of backgrounds are presented through video and comic portraits of 7 young muslimic citizens. In other parts of the exhibition the visitors can play with an interactive map of Germany, showing the percentage of muslimic people living in different countries, or putting together their own view on history by organizing historical events on a wall, flexible through magnetic foil. In a videobooth visitor can record a video of themselves.

Year: 2012-2013

Exhibition design: Franke | Steinert Austellungsdesign
Media & Interactive Design: the greeneyl
Video: libellula film
Font programming: Viktor Nübel