Oskar Hansen’s Moma

Book design for Macedonian artists Yane Calovski’s and Hristina Ivanoska’s project about Oskar Hansen, a Finnish/Polish architect who, back in the 1960’s, had made a proposal for the new building of the museum of contemporary art in Skopje, Macedonia. His concept included an architectural structure based on hexagon shaped modules, which could modify the exhibition space according to the exhibit. His proposal was rejected and never realized.
Calovski and Ivanoska play with the idea of what would have happened if Hansens museum had been built. Which exhibitions and artists would have been on display?
I used the hexagons in colorful for the cover and as black and white elements for the content. A quote from an interview of Ivanoska reads “If You don’t know about something it does not mean it does not exist”, this quote fills a number of spreads throughout the book.

Client: Yane Calovski/Hristina Ivanoska and Gallery Kronika, Bytom, Poland

Year: 2007