NETS Weaving Webs in Art

NETZ - Vom Spinnen in der Kunst / NETS - Weaving Webs in Art
The exhibition focuses on notions about nets and webs, mounting work not only exploring those naturally woven nets, such as spiders’ webs, but also the terms and entities we associate with webs and nets, such as data in diagram structures or using the flexible data we find in the Internet.

The book comprises an introductory essay as well as comments on the artworks and an associative glossary around the term net with 49 contributions by different authors.
Within these texts, the titles are all linked with each other through a coordinating system of dots and lines that spans around the book. It is printed in 2 languages, each turned 180 to each other, being a book with 2 covers.

Year: 2014

Editor: Anette Hüsch
Art Direction & Design: Ariane Spanier
Design: Stephie Becker, Maria Nogueira