Momentum 8 – Tunnel Vision – Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art

Visual identity for the 8th edition of the Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art MOMENTUM 8 - Tunnel Vision.
"Addressing conspiracy theories, paranoia and altered states of mind, the exhibition explores what might be called compressed consciousness, that may appear incestuous, navel-gazing or idiosyncratic. ... If the Internet has been a window to the world, it is now also our own mirror image on the screen."
The edition number "8" of the biennial is in the same time serving as a never-ending circling infinity sign.
The 2 publications - a READER and a VIEWER, each contain a little object - the READER, a text book, has a little flacon sitting in its spine, filled with a commissioned scent by artist Sissel Tolaas. The VIEWER,  presenting views of the artworks at the biennial, holds a little micro USB stick in the spine, which you can slide out. This contains sound pieces by swedish musician Zhala and video works by artist Edward Shenk.

Year: 2015

Photos of publications spreads: Mousse publishing