Me And The Storyteller

An A5 folder for the exhibition project ME AND THE STORYTELLER by artists Ebba Moi and Anna Carin Hedberg at Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norway. The folder reveals the title of the show when all the flaps are pointing in one direction and the rest of it when folded into the other direction. Hidden inside is a map explaining the art project: chinese whispers about art works. The artists had invited 5 curators to pick each an artist and one artwork and describe this work to someone else. That person again picked someone to tell about the work. By that person another one got chosen and the story about the art work was told again. That happened 5 times and at the end, the artists were the last in line and the 5th version of the stories were told to them. Out of that information 5 art pieces were created for the exhibition.

Year: 2012