Lyder Som Nordland (Sounds like Nordland)

Soundmap for a sound art project in the area of "nordland" in Northern Norway. The sound artist Elin Vister and Siri Austeen collected and recorded all kinds of sounds in the area, from nature to people talking, to boat motors. After a call for entries it is also possible to submit your own recording if you happen to have recorded sound there.

The background color of the sound map changes subtly and slowly. the color gradients are all inspired by the many shades of dusks and dawns, in a place of the world where in certain times of the year there are endless sunsets because the sun never goes down completely.

The logo's wave-shape is generated from the google - translaters pronounciation of "Lyder Som Nordland" and moves when a sound is playing on the map.

Clients: Elin Oyer Vister / Siri Austeen

Year: 2015

Creative Direction: Ariane Spanier
Design: Maria Nogueira
Web development: Christoph Knoth