Lost Panorama

Book design for a research project by German artists Ulrike Mohr and Susanne Weck about a panoramic Russian painting which was removed from a former russian military base outside Berlin after the fall of the Berlin wall. The empty spot which the painting had left behind brought the two artists to go on an expedition to search for it. This trip lead them to Moscow and Shukov, Russia.
The book tells the story of their search, their travel, as well as their unexpected success. They found the painting and the painter, and even the roll used to transport the painting back from Berlin in the 1990’s.
The cover and book ends show a map of their project in 3 languages (German, English and Russian) linking all the persons and locations they had contact with during this 4 year project.

Client: U.Mohr / S. Weck / Museum Karlshorst, Germany

Year: 2006